Treatment Price List


Initial consultation is free and treatments are tailored to your individual requirements. The following price list is therefore a guide only, and an accurate estimate shall be given to you following your consultation appointment.


Frown (Glabellar) lines                                   £180

Crow's feet                                                       £200

Forehead                                                          £200

Glabellar & Crow's feet                                  £260

Glabellar, Crow's feet & Forehead               £300

Gummy Smile Correction                              £180

Dimpled Chin Correction                               £180

Dermal Fillers


Dermal fillers come in a range of viscosities. You shall be advised on your consultation appointment as to which filler would be most suitable for your specific needs. 


Juvederm Ultra 2 - for the subtle correction of moderate facial lines and skin depressions eg. frown lines and soft nose-to-mouth lines and marionette lines. 


Juvederm Ultra 2 - £250 per ml                                           

Juvederm Ultra 3 - smooths deeper wrinkles and folds such as deep nose-to-mouth lines and marionette lines.


Juvederm Ultra 3 - £250 per ml


Juvederm Ultra Smile - is a filler specifically targeted for the lips. It can be used to increase lip volume and/or enhance the contour of the lip. 


Juvederm Ultra Smile - £250 per ml